• Jyothi  completed his Ph.D. and joins Intel. Congratulations! [11/2012]
  • Anu  completed her Ph.D. and is with Intel. Congratulations! [11/2012]
  • Best paper award at ISVLSI 2012, in collaboration with Tsinghua Univ. and PSU. [08/2012]
  • Saurabh completed his Ph.D. and joined ARM. Congratulations! [11/2011]
  • PANDA is initialized with Prof. Bertan Bakkaloglu for a new generation of analog/mixed-signal reconfigurability. [07/2011]
  • Chi-Chao completed his Ph.D. and joined Intel. Congratulations! [05/2011]
  • Yun completed his Ph.D. and joined Proplus. Congratulations! [04/2011]
  • Min completed his Ph.D. and joined Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX. Congratulations! [04/2010]
  • Wei completed his Ph.D. and joined Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA. Congratulations! [04/2009]
  • Wenping completed her Ph.D. and joined Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., Austin, TX. Congratulations! [06/2008]

Our group's research interests focus on the physical modeling and reliable integration of extremely scaled CMOS and post-silicon devices, driven by technology scaling towards the 10nm regime and beyond. With current emphasis on the pressing issue of variability and reliability in integrated circuits, the overarching goal of the NIMO Group is to advance the state of the art in interdisciplinary solutions for robust nanoelectronic design.

Research Highlights

  • Predictive Technology Model (PTM) for advanced technologies, including nanoscale CMOS, alternative structures, and post-silicon devices.
  • Reliability modeling and design solutions, such as the effect of bias-temperature-instability.
  • Modeling, simulation, and in-situ characterization of variability and reliability.
  • Reconfigurable design for fast prototyping, design validation and post-Si tuning.
  • Exploratory design with emerging technologies, such as non-volatile memory and neural-inspired design.


School of Electrical, Computer and Engineer Engineering

GWC 331
Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85281