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Yu (Kevin) Cao, ECEE

Welcome to NIMO Group

Research interests focus on modeling and design techniques for reliable, low-power and high-performance systems, driven by advances in nanoelectronics and information analytics.

Advancing the state of the art in interdisciplinary solutions for robust intelligent system design.

Research Highlights

  • Neural-inspired computing for learning on-a-chip, with high energy efficiency.
  • Hardware acceleration for intelligent systems.
  • Reconfigurable design of circuits and systems.
  • Cross-layer design for reliability.
  • Exploratory design with emerging technologies.


Portrait of Yu Cao

Yu Cao

School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

Cao’s research interests include physical modeling of nanoscale technologies, design solutions for variability and reliability, reliable integration of post-silicon technologies, and hardware design for on-chip learning.


ISTB4 563
781 E Terrace Road
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287


Zhenyu received the Best Student Poster Award at the 5th IBM IEEE CAS and EDS AI Compute Symposium. Congratulations! [10/22]

Gokul completed his Ph.D. and joins Meta [08/2022]

Our collaborative paper received teh Best IP Award at DATE 2022. [03/2022]

Professor Cao is selected as the Distinguished Lecturer by IEEE CASS. [01/2022]

Gokul Krishnan received the Outstanding Research Award from the GPSA Office of Professional Development, ASU. Congratulations! [04/2021]

Professor Cao received Intel Outstanding Researcher Award [02/2021]

Xiaocong and Zheng completed their Ph.D. and join Facebook, CA [10/2020]

Ang completed his Ph.D. [09/2020]

Gokul Krishnan received the Joseph A. Barkson Fellowship from Arizona State University. Congratulations! [04/2020]

Top 10 Best Student Presenter Award to Xiaocong at TECHCON. Congratulations! [9/2019]

Abinash completed his Ph.D. and is with Amazon, CA [10/2018]

Zihan completed his Ph.D. and is with Google [12/2017]